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Duty Drawback

Charter files claims to US Customs for more duty and tax recoveries than all other U.S. service providers combined. We are the leading provider of duty drawback

Duty Drawback and Tax Recovery Services

Charter is the leading provider of duty drawback and tax recovery services in the United States. Charter files claims to US Customs for more duty and tax recoveries than all other U.S. service providers combined. Our legal experience, planning skills, high-level expertise and in-depth experience are simply unmatched by any other global trade service provider. Our services include all matters necessary to establish and run a sophisticated duty drawback program that will maximize tax recoveries, including business review and identification of opportunities, planning and optimization, documentation, claim filing and audit support.

With its unmatched knowledge and experience, Charter ensures that its clients recover all duty drawbacks and the tax recovery to which they are entitled under the law. As the leading customs broker Charter Brokerage has filed more than 90% of the historic eight-digit (8 digit) drawback claims with Customs since 1994.

Charter has duty drawback experts to identify drawback opportunities that are available only in cooperation with suppliers, customers, global trade service providers or others in the supply chain and are often overlooked by other customs brokers.

Charter worked with US Customs and Border Protections (CBP) to draft the language of the new duty drawback law and its several amendments and we participated in the development of the current drawback regulations.

Charter Brokerage led the legislative initiatives that resulted in:

  • the recovery of taxes and fees in addition to duties; and
  • the adoption of the eight-digit (8 digit) tariff substitution rule for petroleum and chemical products;
  • the drafting and signing of HR 644 “The Trade Enforcement and Facilitation Act of 2015”.

Duty drawback is a complex area that contains a vast array of rules, regulations and limitations. As the nation’s leading duty drawback service provider, Charter assists tax recovery clients in maximizing their drawback in a compliant and efficient manner.

Duty Drawback Transparency

Proprietary software allows flexibility for changes, and provides clients with transparency for all their needs.

CIMEX is Charter’s proprietary, automated, Web-based system designed to collect, maintain and report the data and documentation we compile and/or prepare for our clients. This state-of-the-art system allows clients to track the status of transactions, download and analyze import, export, FTZ and other customs related transactional data and access electronic copies of all documents. CIMEX maintains and makes data available at a detailed level not available on other systems. The seamless interface of data and documents is a powerful tool that provides fast, efficient, real-time review of all your transactions.

In addition to data collection, storage and reporting, the CIMEX system maintains electronic images of all customs and commercial documents, and thereby creates permanent electronic files. This feature is important to our clients in meeting their record keeping obligations.

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